Saturday, December 12, 2009

Many people have asked me for the perfect replacement for dairy milk. To suddenly give up dairy milk is a step too far for many people because it also means giving up the foods that you are used to eating with dairy milk. For example, without milk how can you enjoy breakfast cereals, coffee with milk, yogurt, and the many desserts (and savory dishes) that include milk?

Well now you can give up dairy milk and still enjoy everything that you are used to eating with milk. Simply switch to coconut milk. The latest scientific research shows that coconuts are in fact not fattening! The molecular structure of coconut fat is different – it gets stored as energy instead of as body fat. This gives you energy and helps you lose weight and stay slim. For the evidence see

Coconut milk is very nutritious and absolutely delicious. Do not confuse canned coconut milk with home-made coconut milk. The former is a condiment, the latter is a genuine dairy milk substitute. For the first time ever, The Incredible Coconut Milk Book ( shows how to make wonderful coconut milk that makes a perfect substitute for dairy milk.

Home-made coconut milk is non-fattening, nutritious, and absolutely delicious. Best of all it is far, far superior in quality compared to any kind of commercial milk, whether dairy or non-dairy. Up until now, making coconut milk at home has been a complicated and time-consuming affair. But now at last you can make coconut milk at home quickly and easily, saving time and money.

As a visitor to this blog I am pleased to offer you a free copy of The Incredible Coconut Book which you can download right now. Just go to and download the book straight away. This book shows how to make irresistible coconut milk, coconut yogurt, coconut ice-cream, and coconut chocolate mousse – all non-fattening, all super nutritious, and all truly delicious. You won’t have to break open a coconut to make these recipes! The recipe ingredients are easily purchased from supermarkets just about anywhere in the world, so don’t wait, go now to

Russell Eaton


Sandrine said...

This is fantastic!!!
Thank you for recommending coconut milk.
It's the healthiest of all.
Please use coconut oil or even better, use coconut butter instead of olive oil to saute etc.

Thank you!

Russell Eaton said...

Thanks Sandrine, for your comments. If anybody wants to send me recipes for making coconut butter, coconut moiterising cream, and coconut milk powder, please email me anytime at:
Russell Eaton

Erika Host said...

I think if this is the case, the perfect milk substitute would be calcium pellets or protein shakes. I think they offer what is necessary.