Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Why do some osteoporosis organizations recommend milk?

Have a look at the website of just about any osteoporosis organization and you will see that they recommend dairy milk as a good source of calcium (and by implication a good way of combating osteoporosis).

Here’s an example:  In a press release issued today Professor Dr Chan Siew Pheng, the vice-president of the Malaysian Osteoporosis Society, says:  “High-calcium milk is a good source of calcium and anybody who does not want to have weak bones has to have sufficient calcium in their diet.”

Why do some osteoporosis organizations do this?  Why do they promote dairy milk and calcium by making such announcements?  This question is important because, as explained in The Milk Imperative, all the latest scientific research is saying that dairy milk consumption does not help prevent osteoporosis.  The only research that favours dairy milk is research funded by the pharmaceutical or dairy industries (as this helps them sell more milk and calcium supplements).

And this is a clue!  Check the funding of osteoporosis organizations (or the financial interests of Board members) and you will usually find “links” to pharmaceutical or dairy industries.  The Milk Imperative proves beyond any doubt that consuming more milk and taking calcium supplements has a dramatic effect on the body, greatly increasing the risk of osteoporosis.


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